„Train The Trainer” training event in Nagykanizsa, Hungary

5-day, joint staff training event organized in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. Teachers from the different fields as natural science, social sciences, arts and technical and IT related subjects, and other professionals from each partner organisation were invited to the training event, where they had possibilities to get familiar with environmental education and awareness, and interact, exchange ideas and suggestions about the learning content.
In the first two days of the training event, participants had opportunity to know the basic knowledges related to the environment education and experiental learning.
Such as:
• What is the environmental education?
• The history of environmental education.
• Characteristics and goals of environmental education
• Environmental education in school – Best practice
• Sustainable learning
• Sustainable consumption
• Three basic principles of sustainability
• Sustainable future-planning
On the third day, good practices were in the focus. The participants tried out different methods which were in connection with environmentally conscious behaviour, „project-based”, and „teamwork at school” methods. The objective of this part was to raise awareness on the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in teaching and equip primary school teachers with all necessary skills and knowledge they will need for integrating environmental education into their subjects.
The last two days were the concrete practical part of the event, where participants could try the lessons plans, scenarios elaborated by partner schools – DOŠ I Lendava, Scoala Gimnaziala “Szentivani Mihaly” and Zrínyi Miklós-Bolyai János Általános Iskola. These indoor and outdoor activities were experiental, inquiry-based, interactive, practice-oriented learning activities.
The training materials and the proposed scenarios, learning activities will be tested in a real environment with pupils (children aged 9-11) in August in Romania.

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