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26 November
Final conference in Nagykanizsa

In the final confererence the intellectual outputs of the Erasmus+: back to Nature project were introduced as well as the roles of primary...

18 July
The program of the summer camp

22-28 of August Location: “Pásztortűz” Guesthouse, Sănvasii, Romania   Arrival: Wednesday 22 August Day 1, Thursday 23rd August 8.00-9.00...

13 May
„Train The Trainer” training event in Nagykanizsa, Hungary

5-day, joint staff training event organized in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. Teachers from the different fields as natural science, social sciences, arts...

25 January
Environmental education from a global aspects

SCHEDULE_Erasmus+Environmental education from a global aspect -World water day SCHEDULE_Erasmus+Environmental education from a global aspect...

25 January
Biodiversity – forests, wetlands, agricultural fields, green fields

SCHEDULE_Erasmus+ Biodiversity-Bees SCHEDULE_Erasmus+ Biodiversity-Bear SCHEDULE_Erasmus+Biodiversity-The protection of the forest

25 January
Healthy lifestyles – main focus on human beings

SCHEDULE_Erasmus+ Healthy lifestyles-Motion SCHEDULE_Erasmus+ Healthy lifestyles-food SCHEDULE_Erasmus+Healthy lifestyles-The functioning of our...

25 January
Everyday ascpects of life in a built environment

SCHEDULE_Erasmus+ Everyday aspects of life in a built environment-Recycled materials SCHEDULE_Erasmus+ Everyday aspects of life in a built...

25 January
Level 3: Practice
25 January
Level 2: Environmental education – transfer of good practices

You can download here: Transfer of good practices

25 January
Level 1: Basic concepts of environmental education and experiental learning
25 January
Intellectual output 2. Innovative pedagogy
25 January
Handbook – Draft 1
25 January
Intellectual output 2. Innovatív kompetenciaalapú tananyag
19 January
Training for teachers in Back to nature project

We would like to call your attention to register a five-day, 30-hour, non-accredited teacher training in the framework of Erasmus+ Back to Nature...

05 July
Intellectual Output 1: Target group needs analysis

In this study current practices and challenges in terms of experiental learning applied through environmental education and/or a nature-close...

25 June
Erasmus+: Back to Nature – The development of the innovative pedagogy has begun

The aim of the two year-long project which started on 1st December 2016 that the key-competences of primary school children aged 9-11 should be...

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